Floyd Mayweather Lists His Top 5 Boxers of All Time, and You’ll Never Guess Who’s #1 (Video)

floyd mayweather lists top 5 boxers of all time

Floyd Mayweather stopped by the ESPN Deportes studio in Los Angeles over the weekend to promote his upcoming fight against Andre Berto, and while he was there he decided to troll the hell out of pretty much every boxing analyst and fan on the planet.

How did Floyd do that? By listing his top 5 boxers of all time, putting himself at #1 (obviously), and putting Muhammad Ali all the way down at #5.

So then what, Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Leonard are somewhere between two and four? Nah. They’re not on the list at all! Rounding out Floyd’s top 5 boxers of all time are Roberto Duran at #2, Pernell Whitaker at #3, and Julio César Chávez at #4.

Now, I cannot believe I’m about to say this, but in Mayweather’s defense (shudder), he does clarify that this is his personal top 5, and he has fairly consistent criteria. He is clearly looking at the big picture and ranking overall careers, not boxers at their absolute peak. And he clearly favors guys who fought in multiple weight classes, which you have to admit does suggest a high level of technical ability and versatility in styles.

That said, you know he was trying to build tension by putting “The Greatest” last.

Take a look:

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