Indy Brewery Writes “Tom Brady Sux” on Beer Cans (Pic)

Indy Brewery - Tom Brady Sux main

Indianapolis’ hatred for the New England Patriots is no secret.  Whether it’s DefalteGate, the fact that the Patriots have eliminated the Colts from the past two post-seasons, or New England’s 6-0 record against Indy since 2010, there are plenty of reasons why the Pats are public enemy number one among football fans in Indianapolis.

In recent years, Colts fans have found a variety of ways to voice their displeasure with their team’s biggest rivals.  The latest comes from Indianapolis’ Sun King Brewery, who have been printing “Tom Brady Sux” on the bottom of their Wee Mac Scottish-Style Ale cans.

Check it out:

Indy Brewery - Tom Brady Sux

According to the Sun King Brewery website, their Wee Mac Ale “has a nice hazelnut character with rich toffee undertones.” And it will also remind you just how much you hate Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Sounds like the perfect beer for a Colts fan to enjoy on a Sunday in September.

Hat Tip – [IndyStar]

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