This Dude Stole The Show at Miami Heat Dance Auditions (Video)

Keith Wilson - Miami Heat Dance Auditions

Almost 200 females and just a single male showed up at the American Airlines Arena to take part in open tryouts for the Miami Heat Dance team.

Obviously there would be a little more attention focused on the single male taking part in the auditions, and he did not disappoint.

Here’s a look at Keith Wilson as he razzles and dazzles the audience during his performance:

Unfortunately, not even that showing was enough to earn Wilson a spot on the team.  And it’s not the first time he’s been turned down by the Heat Dance Squad.

In 2012, he hit them with this dance number:

Perhaps 2016 will be the year that Keith Wilson finally catches his big break.

Hat Tip – [Local 10 Miami via Bleacher Report]

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