Marcelo Shot Hits Kid in the Face…Because He Was Staring at His Phone (Video)

marcelo shot hits kid in the face

In theory, cell phones can be used to enhance a fan’s experience while attending a game. You can use a sports app to keep track of match statistics, or get on Twitter to see what analysts are saying, or even see replays of controversial calls that they won’t show you inside the stadium.

However, most fans don’t actually use their phones for those reasons. They use them for texting friends and checking Facebook—things you don’t need to pay $40 to do.

Is this stupid? Yes, it is. And not just out of principle. It’s also stupid because, if you’re paying attention to your phone instead of the game and you’re sitting anywhere near the field, you’re putting yourself in danger of getting hit in the face by a flying projectile.

Case in point? This Norwegian kid, sitting behind the net at the recent Valerenga-Real Madrid friendly in Oslo, who got hit in the face by an errant Marcelo shot:

Don’t worry. He’s okay.

And I bet the next time this little dude goes to the game, he doesn’t look at the phone once.

Hat Tip – [Independent]

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