NBA Rookies Imitate LeBron, Iverson and Other Superstars (Video)

NBA rookies

It seems like NBA players are getting imitated more and more these days. Most recently, it was Brandon Armstrong doing his Kobe thing, and now it seems to be an organized activity involving many NBA rookies. Allen Iverson, James Harden, KD, and LeBron all get dressed down by these guys.

The imitations by the NBA rookies range from great to okay, but none are that bad. The best is seeing the opening Harden one, if only because I never noticed him being so spastic on the court, but all the other players sure seem to think so.

Here’s the clip:

Anyone they’re missing from the list?

I hope this thing has staying power. There are lots of players worth mocking, and I can’t wait until the players get to the bad ones.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]


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