Ronda Rousey Reddit AMA Covers Cyborg, Pokemon, and Batista’s Package, Among Other Things

ronda rousey reddit ama

Ronda Rousey, simultaneously one of the most feared and most lusted after women on the planet, did an “ask me anything” session on Reddit on Monday night. And it was pretty damn great. She covered a wide range of topics—from her nerd-love for Game of Thrones and Pokemon; to social issues close to her heart, like eating disorders and female body image; to the reputed size of Batista‘s package; to her hatred for Buffalo Bill; and, of course, to a potential fight with Cris “Cyborg” Justino.

If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare, check out the Ronda Rousey reddit ama in its entirety. However, if you’ve only got two minutes until your boss gets back from that meeting, we’ve got your highlights right here.

Here is Rousey on her pre-fight routine, which sounds downright eerie:

ronda rousey reddit ama - pre-fight music

Here she is on why she wants to keep her fights as short as possibile (with a classic redditor response):

ronda rousey reddit ama - short fights long career

On controlling her public image:

ronda rousey reddit ama - public image media no control

On why she hates Buffalo Bill:

ronda rousey reddit ama - buffalo bill

On the size of Batista’s endowment, including a jab that reveals her to be a pretty serious WWE fan:

ronda rousey reddit ama - bluetista

And, last but not least, on a potential fight against Cyborg (and a hypothetical fight against Floyd Mayweather) that you probably saw on Twitter or ESPN last night:

ronda rousey reddit ama - cybord floyd mayweather

Like I said, the Ronda Rousey reddit ama was pretty damn good.

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