Spike Lee Narrated the Steph Curry Trailer for NBA 2K16 (Video)

Spike Lee

Spike Lee’s considered one of the most die hard basketball fans of most any celebrity out there. But it’s still a little surprising that he’s narrating this NBA 2K16 trailer that features Steph Curry. I mean, you’d think that he’d want to talk about a Knick, although that’s probably not in the cards until they get someone worth talking about.

See the trailer below. It’s pretty intense, just like Spike. It’s even got a name: Stephen Curry: Beyond the Shadows. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but there sure are a lot of shadows in the trailer. So it’s not like they’re lying about the shadows.

Here’s the trailer/video before I give any more away:

I guess if you’re going to use someone to help sell your video game, it might as well be NBA champ and MVP Steph Curry. And the Spike Lee addition is a nice touch. He definitely pumps some drama into this thing.

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