Ben Affleck Rebounded from Jennifer Garner with His Kids’ Hot Nanny…and Tom Brady (Pic)

ben affleck nanny tom brady super bowl rings

Did Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner split after 10 years of marriage because Ben cheated on her, as the tabloids have suggested? I have no idea, and I do not care.

What I do know, and what I do find amusing, is that Affleck apparently went on a secret trip to Vegas with his kids’ hot nanny…and Tom Brady.

Affleck, Garner, their kids, and the nanny, 28-year-old Christine Ouzounian, were all in the Bahamas at the end of June, which is apparently where Ben and Jen officially decided to call things off. Ben then left on June 27 and told Ouzounian she could fly back to L.A. with him.

However, according to sources, Affleck then “convinced” her to go with him to a charity poker tournament in Vegas instead. And on the way there, they swung by and picked up everyone’s favorite ball deflater and his four Super Bowl rings.

Ergo this photo of the nanny, which was somehow obtained by the New York Post:

Does this mean Affleck had an affair with the nanny? Absolutely not. It means he had an affair with the nanny and Tom Brady!

Nah, just kidding! Relax, lawyers.

But seriously, though, one of those guys probably got busy with the nanny, right? I hate to be cynical or sexist—I’m merely observing that this is how the world tends to work—but why else would two married men take an attractive, single woman to Las Vegas?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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