Well This CM Punk-Cathal Pendred Twitter Feud Sure Is Entertaining (Tweets)

cm punk-cathal pendred twitter feud

Late last year, former WWE star CM Punk signed with the UFC. However, he said at the time that his first fight would be a while because he has to basically learn how to be an MMA fighter. And as of August 2015, he’s still looking at making his debut either late this year or early in 2016.

Despite his inexperience, there are plenty of fighters who would line up to fight the guy. CM Punk’s name recognition would attract eyeballs, which would raise his opponent’s profile even if the fight itself is a dud.

One of those guys who might possibly be interested in fighting Punk is Cathal Pendred. The two have already been linked as possible opponents for Punk’s first fight. Now Pendred went and randomly picked a fight with Punk on Twitter on Tuesday, probably in an attempt to establish a rivalry and a compelling storyline for Punk’s first professional MMA fight.

Take a look:

Unfortunately that’s where the CM Punk-Cathal Pendred Twitter feud ended yesterday. But I’m sure it will flare up again eventually, so stay tuned.

Hat Tip – [Bloody Elbow]

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