Costa Rica Soccer Coach Fights Security Guard after Game (Video)

costa rica soccer coach

At a U-23 soccer event in Panama City, the Costa Rican national team squared off against the Panamanian team. Following the game’s 0-0 tie, the Costa Rica soccer coach then squared off against a security guard out of frustration. He was miffed about some bad calls and was approaching the field to tell the refs what’s what when the guard¬†stopped him.

In the video, Paulo Wanchope (white shirt)¬†tries to get onto the field, but is stopped by a shorter man that turned out to be a security guard. It’s not much of a fight in terms of damage done, but they definitely go at it.

Take a look:

That security guard earned his money yesterday. The large coach never seemed to have a chance at getting past him before the backup arrived.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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