Traditional Phil Mickelson Money Game Produces Exceptionally Good Trash Talk at 2015 PGA Championship (Videos)

phil mickelson money game

Every Tuesday before a major championship, in what has become one of pro golf’s more entertaining traditions, Phil Mickelson organizes a money game during a practice round featuring himself, a partner, and two challengers.

Why? Well, Phil loves to gamble, and loves to trash talk. However, you can’t really do either of those things during the actual tournaments. So he gets all his thrills in on Tuesday and saves the serious golfing for Thursday-Sunday.

The participants in the 2015 PGA Championship edition of the Phil Mickelson Hustling Clinic this past Tuesday? It was Phil and Rickie Fowler up against Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. And, as it turns out, none of them waited until Tuesday to start talking trash. Spieth and Thomas got a head start on Twitter:

Once everyone got out onto the course, though, things really picked up. Here’s a brief little exchange between Mickelson and Spieth in which each jabs at the other about the tournaments he hasn’t won:

And here’s an exchange between Mickelson and Rory McIlroy after he joined the foursome for the seventh hole:

Seriously, how much more fun would it be to watch golf if the PGA would allow trash talking and gambling during official tournaments?

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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