Russell Martin Jumps Up Onto Dugout Railing Like a Cat Trying to Catch Foul Ball (Video)

russell martin jumps up onto dugout railing

You have to love the way Toronto Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin always gives 110%. However, if you took a poll of Blue Jays fans, I’m sure most would probably say they’d rather he not jump up onto railings and leap into the dugout trying to catch foul balls.

That’s what Martin did last night during the Jays’ win over the Oakland A’s. In the top of the first, with a runner on second and two outs, Stephen Vogt popped a pitch from Drew Hutchinson back into foul territory near the Blue Jays dugout, so Martin chased after it in an attempt to get his pitcher out of a minor jam. Then, thinking the ball was going into the dugout, Martin hopped up on the padded railing like a cat.

Unfortunately, instead of getting the out, all Martin did was give every Blue Jays fan watching at home a heart attack. His momentum carried him into the dugout, where he came crashing down hard. Meanwhile, the ball tailed back onto the field.

Take a look:

Luckily, catchers are tough as nails, and pretty much everything is going right for the Jays right now. So Martin just popped right up and jogged back to home plate with a smile on his face. Then Toronto beat Oakland 4-2 for their ninth win in a row.

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