This Auburn Fan’s Car Is Very Pro-Auburn, Indeed (Video)

Auburn Fan

In case you know nothing about either sports or the state of Alabama, you should probably learn as quickly as possible that Auburn vs. Bama is a big rift in the state. They don’t have a lot of other stuff going on on that scale, so an Alabama fan hates anĀ Auburn fan, and Auburn fans hate Alabama fans.


Because ya gotta hate something.

Anyway, that longwinded lesson is just preface to trying to explain what the hell is going on with this car. It’s a pro-Auburn car in the most hilarious way possible. I can only assume that it belongs to someone old enough to drive, which makes the “Saban’s gay” homemade sticker just the best thing ever.

Is this person single? Or does he have a significant other or a family? I’m guessing (hoping) single.

I’m assuming those big brown things on the back are supposed to be the “These Nuts” that are referenced in the bottom right, which I suppose would make the Auburn tiger tail the penis.

Man. Getting in the head of these types of fans is really a scary thing.

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