Watch This Bengals Fan Freak Out At Seeing Eli Manning (Video)

Eli Manning

“I love you, Eli!”

That’s not a phrase that you expect to hear from anyone over the age of 12, and even then, only then, the subset of 12 year-olds that are Giants fans. This guy, a Bengals fan who posted up at a joint Giants-Bengals practice, seems to be neither. Yet he was there, camera in hand, chasing down the Giants QB,+ letting Eli Manning know that he did love him.

It was a little sweet and a little weird.

Here’s the clip:

Of course, if any quarterback was going to respond to a message of love, it would likely be Eli Manning. He’d probably go, “Oh! A new best friend!” And blow off practice to go see Ant-Man with this guy. (Eli’s a little behind on his movies.)

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