Bills Claim IK Enemkpali Off Waivers, Because Rex Ryan

bills claim ik enemkpali

No reasonable person would suggest IK Enemkpali should be expelled permanently from the NFL. If the league can forgive drunk drivers and wife beaters, surely it can also forgive the guy who punched Geno Smith and broke his jaw.

However, you might have thought Enemkpali would have to sweat it out a bit. You might have thought teams would be just a little hesitant to sign a guy who basically just screwed his team’s entire season—even if Geno was asking for it, as some reports suggest.

But no. If you thought that, then you clearly don’t know former Jets coach and current Bills coach Rex Ryan. Because Rex waited all of about 10 minutes before claiming IK Enemkpali off waivers.

“We all know what happened and things like that,” Ryan told reporters Wednesday night. “Obviously, it was a terrible thing that happened. But IK made a mistake, there’s no question about that. But instead of listening to this person, that person, or whatever, we had IK last year. A lot of us were around IK, and he was a good teammate.”

When asked what his bosses might think of this move, Rex expressed confidence.

“I think [owner Terry Pegula] has confidence in our beliefs, and in this case, [GM] Doug [Whaley] is showing a lot of faith in me as well,” Ryan said. “That we specifically, guys that have been with IK, believe that he can be successful here.”

Then Rex went on to applauded himself for being such a good judge of character.

“I do have supreme confidence in myself, especially when I know the individual. Some of these guys that have these so-called issues or whatever, everybody’s got things. But if I know that person, and I feel confident in the fact that my locker room, that this guy will be successful in here, then yeah, I feel confident that he’ll fit right in.”

Of course, this really is a low-risk signing for the Bills. Enemkpali was only slated to make about $500,000 this year. More importantly, they don’t even have a number one quarterback for Enemkpali to injure. So, you know.

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