LeBron and Melo Crack Up at Westbrook at Team USA Camp (Video)

LeBron and Melo

Someone needs to tell LeBron and Melo that, at Team USA practices, they’re representing their country, and there’s no screwing around. (I’m just kidding. They’re not getting paid. They can screw around all they want.)

They both have a hard time keeping it together as they see Russell Westbrook screw up during a drill, then flip a ball out in a very non-forceful fashion.

It’s hard to see exactly what Westbrook did wrong, but it’s clearly SOMETHING, judging from the reactions of Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. The Twitter video says he needed two dribbles to score. That clearly didn’t happen.

Here’s the clip of the two having some fun at Russell’s expense:

Accidents happen, guys. No judgements in practice, where everyone’s just trying to improve!

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