Watch Michael Jordan’s “The Shot” from an Angle You’ve Never Seen Before (Video)

the shot

With the Bulls trailing 100-99 with three seconds left in Game 5 of their first round series against the Cavaliers on May 7, 1989, Michael Jordan broke free of a double team, caught an in-bound pass, raced to the free throw line, and drained a jumper over an out-stretched Craig Ehlo to win the game and the series.

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last 26 years, you have probably seen that play—more commonly known as “The Shot”—at least 6,000 times. It’s one of those iconic moments that is burned into the brain of every sports fan on earth.

However, this is probably the only footage you have seen:

There’s nothing wrong with that angle. It gives you a perfectly good view of what has become one of the most famous plays in NBA history. But wouldn’t it be nice to see it from another angle?

Well, now we can. When Jordan hit “The Shot,” Chicago CBS 2 producer Bob Vasilopoulos was sitting on the baseline along with cameraman Chuck Davidson and reporter Rich King, who now works for WGN. And about two years ago, in honor of Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, Vasilopoulos posted the incredible video they shot.

Here is a snippet of his description:

“The game was on a Sunday afternoon, and I flew in that morning and drove straight to the Richfield Coliseum. As was his custom, Jordan would seldom go out for the pre-game team warm-up, so I went to the Bulls locker room, to find him sitting by himself. He asked me to see the Sunday papers I had with me, and asked what the buzz was back home. I told him most media folks gave the Bulls credit for a well played series, but it would be tough to win game 5 on the road, against a good Cavs team. He said, “we’re not going to lose, come see me after the game”. Ok M, see you then I said. Keep that conversation in mind as hear me lose it, after “The Shot” goes in. What you’re about to see is the final few baskets of a back and forth finish, and a classic shootout between Jordan and a very gutsy Craig Ehlo.This amazing footage was shot by the best sports cameraman I know, Chuck Davidson. Chuck, reporter Rich King, and I sat on the floor, as history played out before us.”

Now, here’s the video:

You gotta love Vasilopoulos’ reaction. “MICHAEL YOU STUCK IT BABY!”

Of course, you may be wondering why this video was just sitting around for two years without anybody hearing about it. But as it turns out, the folks at Deadspin did hear about it via reddit. Only the video they posted got taken down due to a copyright claim by Bob Vasilopoulos. And even though he went on to post the video on his own YouTube account, this kind of killed the story’s momentum.

However, earlier this week Twitter user David Whitehead (@SneakerDave) stumbled across the footage and tweeted a clip of it. And when that clip went viral, people pointed to Vasilopoulos’ YouTube page. So, here we are.

Thanks to everyone involved in bringing this amazing footage of one of the greatest plays in basketball history to our attention. Better late than never.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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