Steph Curry Nutmegs Coach at USA Basketball Training Camp (Video)

steph curry nutmegs coach at usa basketball training camp

In case you were wondering whether 2014-15 NBA NVP Steph Curry had suddenly gotten awful at basketball since we saw him hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy over his head about eight weeks ago, the answer is no, he has not.

Like almost every other superstar in the NBA, from Kevin Durant to LeBron James, Curry went to Las Vegas this week to take part in USA Basketball’s three-day mini camp so as to meet the organization’s eligibility requirements for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio next summer.

Unlike some of those other superstars, however, Curry actually took part in all of the team drills. And in the process he reminded every basketball fan on the planet why he’s so damn fun to watch.

Just check out this Steph Curry highlight reel from Hoopmixtape in which Curry takes his coach to school on four separate plays. Look closely and you’ll see LeBron in the background mouthing something like “got ’em” after Curry nails the first shot. But of course, you don’t have to look closely at all to see Curry nutmet the coach on the fourth one:

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Can you even imagine what Steph Curry will do against teams like Nigeria at the Olympics? Yikes.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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