Tennis Douche Nick Kyrgios to Stan Wawrinka: “Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend” (Video)

nick kyrgios stan wawrinka Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend

In many sports, trash talk is accepted and even encouraged. However, tennis is not one of them. Should it be? That doesn’t really matter. Whatever the sport, you have to play by all the rules, whether official or unofficial. If trash talk is not accepted, you don’t do it. Period.

Unfortunately, professional tennis douche Nick Kyrgios has a hard time following the rules. Last month at Wimbledon he got into trouble on several occasions for disrespecting the umpires. Now he’s in trouble again after sharing some very crude words with French Open champ Stan Wawrinka at the Rogers Cup in Montreal on Wednesday.

Wawrinka, who announced his separation from his wife this past April, has reportedly been dating 19-year-old Croatian tennis player Donna Vekic, who has in turn played mixed doubles with Kyrgios’ countryman, Thanasi Kokkinakis

So what did Kyrgios say to Wawrinka? At the start of the second set, Kyrgios walked toward Wawrinka and said, “Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend”:

Then he mumbled something about “banging an 18-year-old”:

Is it inappropriate for a 30-year-old like Wawrinka to be “dating” a 19-year-old like Vekic? Perhaps a little. But it’s way more inappropriate for a 20-year-old like Kyrgios to be walking around a tennis court talking about it in front of dozens of cameras and microphones.

In any case, Wawrinka didn’t seem to hear the trash talk during the match, otherwise he probably wouldn’t have done this after withdrawing with a bad back in the third set:

However, Wawrinka definitely heard about it after the match. Hence this angry string of tweets:

Obvioiusly, the ATP can’t have one of their male players walking around on live television basically accusing a female player of sleeping with a bunch of dudes. So on Thursday they fined Kyrgios a yet-to-be-disclosed amount.

Hopefully it was a lot.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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