The Internet Went Berserk Over This Awful Tom Brady Courtroom Sketch (Pics)

tom brady courtroom sketch

Being a courtroom sketch artist is a hard job even for a highly trained artist. Your job is to capture the essence of a moment as quickly as possible so newspapers and websites have something to run with their stories about court cases. It’s not to create masterpieces that will hang in museums and be studied by pretentious 19-year-old art history majors. And 99 times out of 100, nobody pays enough attention to your work to form opinions about it.

Unfortunately for courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg, that 1 time out of 100 came yesterday during the Deflategate court hearing. Her Tom Brady courtroom sketch went out to pretty much every media organization in the English-speaking world, which means it was seen by millions upon millions of people who know Tom Brady does NOT look like somebody just melted Michael Ironside and Matthew Lillard together. So the internet pretty much exploded with Tom Brady courtroom sketch photoshops.

The folks at Vice Sports got a hold of Jane Rosenberg for a quick interview, wherein she explains the difficulties of her line of work and offers a humorous, tongue-in-cheek apology to Brady for not making him “look good enough.”

But hopefully Rosenberg doesn’t feel too bad. At least she got Roger Goodell right.

roger goodell

Hat Tip – [ESPN, SB Nation]

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