The Bills Duct Taped and Drenched Rookie Ronald Darby (Video)

Ronald Darby

It’s been a whole season since the ugly Richie IncognitoJonathan Martin incident, so I guess we’ve healed enough to get back to some good-natured NFL hazing, eh? The Buffalo Bills thought so as they duct-taped rookie cornerback Ronald Darby to the goal posts and dumped some ice water on him. An age-old tradition for rookies in training camp, and one that is probably very fun for veterans and less so for rookies.


No particular reason. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

Here’s the video:

A nice touch was the “back in fifteen minutes, bro,” after they tied him up. That was courtesy of Aaron Williams, who seemed to be the mastermind behind this act. To the team’s immense credit, they did free him after a few minutes. What humanitarians! Actually kind of a funny stunt, if not an entirely original one.

The cameramen documenting it, but not helping, are a nice touch. They’re like National Geographic documentarians who can’t get involved with the course of nature.

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