Brandon Weeden Slaps Away Fumble Hilariously in Preseason Game (Video)

Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden isn’t exactly competing for the Dallas Cowboys‘ starting job at QB. I think Tony Romo has that gig on lockdown. But still, Weeden probably could have made more of an effort to recover this botched snap from last night’s preseason (can we just call them scrimmages?) game against the Chargers, which kicked off their slate of meaningless games for the next month.

Here’s the video:

Nice, Brandon. That’s it. Just slap the ball to safety like they taught you at no point in your career. I suppose he doesn’t want to get crushed falling on a loose ball in the first game of the tedious preseason, but he could have done something more impressive than the ole’ A-Rod slap. He could have kicked it into the stands, or just marched away from the loose ball defiantly. Either of those would have been pretty great to see.

And far more exciting than anything else that happened during the preseason game. This was undoubtedly the high point of the entire game, and likely the entire NFL preseason. Only three weeks or so left.

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