The J.J. Watt Diet Is Roughly 9,000 Calories per Day

J.J. Watt diet

It doesn’t seem like J.J. Watt half-asses a lot of things, so when the star defensive end went to “fuel up” with his training coach since high school, he did it in true J.J. Watt-ian fashion—which, of course, means a diet consisting of 9,000 calories a day.

ESPN doesn’t give us the fun meal-by-meal breakdown that we sometimes get from athletes, but they do let us know that he’s introduced more fat into his diet (Me too!) and that a 9,ooo-calorie diet would be 20 chicken breasts, 50 slices of bacon, and 13 avocados.

If you were wondering if Watt began crushing avocados with his new diet, Watt spoke to that in the piece.

“I started crushing avocados,” Watt said.


We also learn that J.J. Watt’s favorite meal is brunch (Hipster!), and that he likes his food plain, without sauces. However, he’s happy to be back on the fat-eating program, which he says has resulted in better training and higher energy. Good news for him, bad news for offenses.

Maybe some division rivals will send him some miso soup or quinoa bowls to see if they can drop his energy levels back down to those of mortal human beings. And a big keg of kombucha.

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