Klay Thompson Nutmegs DeMar DeRozan in USA Game (Video)

Klay Thompson

We might be in the dregs of the basketball offseason, with free agency over and a while before training camps, but Klay Thompson managed to still sneak in a moment of excitement in the White vs. Blue game for the USA national team.

On something resembling a fastbreak, Klay Thompson saw that the shortest distance between him and Rockets forward Terrence Jones was a straight line. And that straight line went right between the legs of DeMar DeRozen. Of course, this was a scrimmage between two sides of the national team, so I think the level of defense being played was somewhere between that of the All-Star game and “10 coma patients on the floor.”

Here’s the clip:


Lazy defense aside, that was a pretty sharp move by Thompson. And a big thanks to DeMar DeRozen for sitting around and just letting it happen. It wouldn’t have been possible without him.

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