Lions Troll Jets, Play “I Can’t Feel My Face” While Announcing Geno Smith as Inactive

lions troll jets i cant see my face geno smith

There are two ways to look at this whole Geno SmithIK Enemkpali situation.

On the one hand, it’s sad and embarrassing. Enemkpali didn’t just jeopardize his own career. He jeopardized Smith’s as well. You never know how players will respond to injuries, or what will happen to their roster spot while they are out. (Just ask Trent Green, or Drew Bledsoe.)

On the other hand, well, it’s also pretty hilarious. Starting quarterback knocked out 6-10 weeks because his own teammate punched him in the face over a $600 plane ticket? That’s just about the most Jets thing ever.

The Lions certainly see it that way. Or at least, the person who selects the music to play over the Ford Field PA system does. Because prior to the Lions-Jets preseason game in Detroit on Thursday night, that person played The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face” while they read the Jets inactive list—which of course was headlined by Geno Smith and his broken jaw.

Is it possible that the Lions didn’t intentionally troll the Jets? Sure it is. “I Can’t Feel My Face” is currently the #1 song in the country. But I personally prefer to believe the Lions did it on purpose, because that’s the kind of world I want to live in.

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