Meek Mill Removed Drake Diss Track Because the WWE Filed a Cease and Desist (Videos)

meek mill drake diss track wwe cease and desist

This week Meek Mill removed his (absolutely awful) Drake diss track “Wanna Know” from Sound Cloud. Then he posted (and later deleted) a long statement on Instagram explaining that he’s moving on from the whole Drake feud.

So then I guess Meek Mill finally decided to take the high road, right? He decided to be the bigger man?

Nah, not really.

First of all, most observers agree that Meek Mill got in way over his head when he started his beef with Drake, and that Drake was absolutely smoking him with his diss tracks.

More importantly, Meek Mill did not just come to the realization that, wow, “Wanna Know” is really terrible and I should just take it down. According to sources who spoke to Complex, he only took it down because the WWE sent him a cease and desist letter.

Why would the WWE send Meek Mill a cease and desist letter? Because “Wanna Know” samples The Undertaker‘s iconic entrance music.

Listen and compare:

The WWE told Complex when “Wanna Know” was first released that they weren’t happy about it. Now, two weeks later, it seems they finally took legal action…and in the process put this sad rap beef out of its misery.

Thank God for lawyers.

Hat Tip – [Complex]

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