Telemundo Announcer Goes Nuts Over Meaningless Preseason Field Goal by Packers’ Mason Crosby (Video)

telemundo announcer crazy call preseason field goal packers mason crosby

We always get excited about the first day of NFL preseason games, because FOOTBALL IS BAAAACK!!! FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL!!!

But let’s be real here. That excitement lasts for about 10, sometimes 15 minutes, or about as long as the first stringers are on the field. Then we lose interest and start looking at Twitter or Instagram.

This is obviously a problem for the folks broadcasting preseason games on television, who lose their audience about halfway through the game. But it’s an even bigger problem for folks broadcasting the games in Spanish, who have an audience that already prefers soccer. So it’s not very hard to understand why Telemundo announcer Epigmenio Guerrero would try to spice things up a bit.

Unfortunately, Epi Guerrero goes way, way over the top. Just check out this call of a meaningless Mason Crosby field goal in the first quarter of Thursday’s Packers-Patriots game:

“It is a field goal. In our culture to celebrate a goal in soccer is a big thing,” Guerrero explained after making a similar call during the 2014 preseason. “I want to enjoy the goal the same as soccer as much as I can…The Spanish population doesn’t always understand the rules. We try to make it fun to bring the community on board so they get the hang of it. It is a beautiful game.”

Nice try, Epi, but no. Preseason field goal ≠ soccer goal. Please stop.

Hat Tip – [Washington Post, @n_j_l_]

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