Former Rugby Star Jarryd Hayne Gets 53-Yard Run in 49ers Debut (Video)

rugby star

We’re in the first week of NFL preseason “action,” and while familiar faces aren’t making many appearances on the field, we’re getting a good glimpse at some new ones. Last night, the 49ers lined up Jarryd Hayne, a former rugby star from the Australian league, in the backfield, and they didn’t regret it.

Hayne managed to tally up a 53-yard run in the game against the Houston Texans, and suggest that, yeah, maybe the skills in one sport do transfer to the other.

Here’s the video. It’s a little early to be calling Hayne an NFL fixture, but so far, so good:

Maybe during an inevitable pre-season fight, Hayne will help sports fans resolve the matter of “Who’s tougher: NFL players or rugby players?”  But until then, we’ll just have to keep speculating.

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