Jameis Winston Debut Results in a 40-Yard Pass and a TD Run (Video)

Jamies Winston debut

Last night’s Jameis Winston debut in the preseason matchup between the Bucs and the Vikings saw the touted FSU star struggle a little in his first appearance, but he did manage to create a few highlight-worthy plays.

It took until almost three minutes left in the first quarter for Jameis to connect, but when he finally did, it was a 40-yard doozy to Vincent Jackson. Not bad, even if it took a little while to get things going.

He was also able to score a TD on the ground, which I suppose speaks well to his versatility, even if he’s not known as a particularly good scrambling QB.

Of course, he’s likely not matching up against a starting defense, but this Jameis Winston debut shows that he managed to work with what he was given. It’s not a resounding performance or anything, but it likely won’t give critics any huge fuel, which means Winston might be in for a slightly more peaceful pre-season, press-wise.

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