The SF Giants Hilariously Recreated The ‘Full House’ Intro (Video)

Full House intro

Sure, the Giants might be in 2nd place with an eye towards the playoffs in mid-August, but this is baseball, so they of course have time to recreate the Full House intro for no particular reason.

If you’re looking for some sort of relevance to the Giants, the show was set in San Francisco, even if the characters never, ever, ever seemed to leave their house.

Here’s the video:

The “world premiere” tag on the Tweet is a nice touch. As though the entire globe had been anxiously awaiting this Full House intro recreation from a baseball team.

The silliness of it seems to be embraced by the creator of the video, which allows for some pretty goofy appearances from players. That’s a good thing, because if the players were super-serious about this, that would be ridiculous.

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