100 Year-Old Granda Throws Tight Spiral, Yells ‘Free Brady’ (Video)

free brady

Yup, this whole Deflategate thing is still going strong. However, at least we’re seeing some new people get involved in the conversation.

This time around, rather than see some outspoken Boston sports fans chiming in, we’re getting a 100 year-old Grandma yelling “Free Brady.” That would be impressive enough, but we’ve also got footage of her throwing a football pretty well as she says it.

Not “Tom Brady well,” or even “Rex Grossman well,” but pretty good.

Take a look:

You better do what the lady says and Free Tom Brady, guys. Otherwise, she’ll walk into the NFL offices, and light the whole place up with well-thrown footballs until even the accountants in the office are begging for mercy and finally wise up and Free this Tom Brady fella.

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