Geno Smith Reprimanded by Jets for Playing Catch Two Days After Surgery (Pic)

geno smith reprimanded by jets

Geno Smith reprimanded by the Jets for playing catch two days after surgery? Yep, that sounds about right.

The New York Post snapped some photos of Smith and his swollen face playing catch with his buddy out in front of his New Jersey apartment complex on Saturday, just two days after having metal plates and screws surgically implanted in his broken jaw.

Now, I realize that you might not be a medical doctor. So I’ll explain the problem with this in simple terms that you can understand: playing football two days after having surgery is bad. Geno was supposed to be taking it easy, letting everything settle and heal up, trying to avoid any further trauma or infection. Instead he was outside, letting some guy throw a football at his face, on pavement…with eye black for some reason.

The Post reporter/photographer on the scene asked Geno several times about the altercation with IK Enemkpali that left him in his current state, but Geno declined to answer and “politely” (their word) threatened to call the cops if they kept asking.

In any case, the Jets were not happy that Geno was ignoring medical advice. So they called him in on Sunday and had a little talk.

“He shouldn’t be doing it right now,” explained coach Todd Bowles. “We handled that internally. We had that discussion.”

As for the “eye black,” the Jets said those were actually bandages that just happen to look like eye black.

Apparently they don’t want us thinking Geno Smith has lost his marbles or something.

Hat Tip – [ESPN, NY Post]

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