Matt Bonner DJ’ed a Music Festival in Red Mamba Shirt (Video)

Matt Bonner

Now that Brian Scalabrine has been out of the spotlight for a year or two, there’s a job opening for “whitest player in the NBA.” And right now, it looks like the SpursMatt Bonner is vying pretty hard for that title. He took the stage at the Rock On Fest (I’d never heard of it, either) and DJ’ed a set while wearing a Red Mamba t-shirt.

Of course, there are a few red flags here. Namely, the lack of any discernible DJ equipment or anything else used to play music on the stage. It looks like he’s standing at a cafeteria table and dancing. Also, there are WAY too many little kids in the audience to make me think this is a legit festival.

Bonner’s a noted music fan, so it’s no surprise to find him wanting to DJ, but this seems like it’s a half-measure. It’s Coachella or nothin’, buddy. Maybe Electric Daisy Carnival, as well.

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