Novak Djokovic Wants You to Stop Smoking Weed…at His Matches (Video)

novak djokovic rogers cup pot smoke weed

In theory there is nothing wrong with being a tennis fan and a stoner. However, if you are a stoner and you choose to attend a match in person, Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic would kindly ask that you please refrain from toking while the players are actually on the court. As you can probably imagine, the last thing a professional tennis player needs while he’s trying to play tennis is an overwhelming urge to chill out and eat nachos.

At the semifinal match between Djokovic and Jeremy Chardy at the Rogers Cup in Montréal on Saturday, somebody in the crowd was apparently partaking in herbal refreshments, prompting Djokivic to complain to the chair umpire.

In the video below, you hear him say, “Somebody is getting high. No honestly! Can you smell it? The whole stadium smells it.” And apparently Djokovic at one point also complained that he was getting dizzy, though you can’t hear that in the video.

Take a look:

Of course, it’s possible that all the pot smoke actually helped the Djoker. He went on to win the semifinal match in straight sets, then beat Andy Murray in the finals the next day. So maybe Novak should actually encourage fans to smoke up during the US Open.

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