San Francisco 49ers Rookie Mike Davis Stuck with $1800 Restaurant Bill (Pic)

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Unless you get selected in the first two rounds of the draft, the NFL doesn’t offer much financial security to rookies. A guy drafted in the fourth round might get a multi-year, $2 million contract. But only a fraction of that is guaranteed. And even though he could obliterate his knee and ruin his career in a meaningless preseason game, if he makes it through the preseason unscathed, that doesn’t mean he won’t get relegated to the practice squad or cut altogether.

Why do I bring this up? I bring it up to put the tradition of sticking rookie NFL players with huge bills at restaurants into perspective.

Take the bill 49ers rookie running back Mike Davis got stuck with on Sunday night:

Now, Davis signed a four-year rookie deal worth $2,748,781 that comes with $468,781 guaranteed, and if he makes the team this year he’ll get paid a base salary of $435,000. A guy who makes that much can definitely swing a two-thousand dollar restaurant bill.

However, there’s no guarantee Davis will make the team, and there’s no guarantee he won’t tear every ligament in his knee in the Niners next preseason game. Seeing as the guy is currently fifth on the Niners depth chart, that kind of injury would likely end his career. So if I were him, I’d make like Ryan Broyles and save every possible penny. And, NFL traditions being what they are, I definitely wouldn’t set foot in a restaurant with any teammate who is not also a rookie.

But that’s just me.

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