Batman Rejoices at UConn Player’s Spectacular Dunk (Video)


Have you ever seen Batman dance before? Well, maybe in those campy old Adam West Batman TV shows, but not recently, that’s for sure. But prepare to have your world rocked. Twice. The first time courtesy of an Amida Brimah dunk, which is shown here. It’s a crazy alley-oop that would likely have everyone dancing. It’s that good.

As you can see, the second time your world gets rocked in this video is just a second after the dunk, when you see Batman freaking out.

I guess it’s possible that your world could even be rocked a third time when you notice that Batman is wearing a gold chain. That’s not normal Batman style at all.

But, uh, yeah. Nice dunk, Amida Brimah, and congrats, UConn fans.

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