Michael Jordan’s Thought’s on the Macklemore Air Jordan 6s: “F**k Green” (Video)

macklemore air jordan 6s

A few years back, when Seattle rapper Macklemore had “Thrift Shop” at the top of the charts, Jordan Brand asked him if he’d perform at the Jordan High School Classic in Brooklyn in exchange for the chance to design his very own colorway for a pair of Jordans. And since Macklemore loves his Jordans, he was like, um, yeah.

When the Macklemore Air Jordan 6s surfaced last October in Cactus (green) and Clay (red) suede, they were met with generally positive reviews on the interwebs. But Michael Jordan himself? Well, he wasn’t a fan. And he told Macklemore that in no uncertain terms.

Listen to Macklemore himself tell the story while sneaker shopping with Complex in Seattle recently:

“F**k green, it reminds me of some Christmas sh*t?” Well I guess that’s why the Macklemore Air Jordan 6s remained a “friends and family” affair and never made it to retail.

Cool story, though, and I’m sure Macklemore didn’t take it personally. Michael Jordan may own one of the coolest brands on the planet, but it’s not like the man himself is renowned the world over for his impeccable fashion sense.

Hat Tip – [Sole Collector]

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