Rihanna Destroys Matt Barnes Over Insinuation that the Two Might Sorta Maybe Be Dating (Videos)

rihanna destroys matt barnes

Late last week, TMZ reported that former Clipper and current Grizzly Matt Barnes had gone on a couple of dates with Rihanna over the last few months.

Yes, the Rihanna.

Unfortunately, this story had a few red flags right from the start.

First, Barnes is currently going through a very messy and public divorce from his Basketball Wives wife, Gloria Govan. The only reason we know about these alleged dates is because TMZ caught up with Govan outside a West Hollywood restaurant to ask her what she thought about it.

Then there’s the source of this rumor. According to TMZ, it comes from someone “connected to the new Memphis Grizzlies star,” which sure makes it sound like one of Barnes’ people planted the story to piss off his ex. (I wonder if they also told TMZ Barnes is a “star,” which is a pretty big overstatement for a 35-year-old 0x All-Star.)

And yet, when TMZ went to Barnes to get his side of the story, he denied that he was dating Rihanna, but strongly implied that something was brewing.

Unfortunatley, as you may or may not realize, Rihanna has access to the internet. So she heard about all this, got on Instagram, and crushed Matt Barnes like a bug.

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Really, #defamationofcharacter?

Ouch. Do not mess with Rihanna.

Hat Tip – [TMZ Sports]

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