The SportsCenter Crew Fawns over Gronks Ring in This Ad (Video)


The ESPN SportsCenter ad guys are at it again with this “This Is SportsCenter” installment featuring Gronk and the anchors kicking it in the offices, checking out his Super Bowl ring. Of course, there has to be an angle (aside from Gronk being in full uniform with that black smudge under his eyes), so they all act as though it’s an engagement ring.

I could go on and explain the whole joke, but no one wants that. Watch the video:

Ok. That’s pretty funny.


“Too much.”

I would like to spend a day in their Bristol offices under the misguided belief that they’re actually like that, and the office is that fun, with mascots and players running around, making photo copies and doing other office things.

I can dream, can’t I?

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