Angry Clayton Kershaw Has Mini Tantrum, Spikes Ball, Throws It Into Dodgers Dugout (Video)

Angry Clayton Kershaw

You’ve seen Cy Young Clayton Kershaw and not-Cy Young Clayton Kershaw. You’ve seen Amish Clayton Kershaw and probably even dancing Clayton Kershaw. But I bet you’ve never really seen angry Clayton Kershaw. The guy is usually pretty chill and low-key. He rarely loses his cool out on the mound.

He lost is last night in Oakland, though. Trailing the Athletics 1-0 in the bottom of the third with two outs, nobody on, and a 1-2 count against Danny Valencia, Kershaw didn’t get the strike call from the home plate umpire Todd Tichenor on a close pitch just off the plate. And he didn’t like it.

Then, when Kershaw failed to cleanly field the slow-roller Valencia hit to the third base side on the next pitch, the best pitcher in the game lost it.

We’re not talking a John McEnroe– or Mike Tyson-level meltdown. But Kershaw did pick up the baseball, spike it into the ground, and then throw it into the Dodgers dugout, which earned him a “you better check yo’self” look from Tichenor.

Take a look:

Kershaw would eventually settle down and pitch seven innings of one-run ball. However, the Dodgers bullpen blew the game, choking up a three-run eighth-inning lead before losing the game in the 10th.

I wonder what Kershaw did then.

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