Dez Bryant Took a Sucker Punch to the Face During the Rams-Cowboys Brawl (Videos)

dez bryant punched in face rams-cowboys brawl

Dez Bryant may not have caught that ball during the NFC divisional playoff game against the Packers back in January. But he definitely caught a sucker punch in the face during that Rams-Cowboys brawl on Tuesday night.

When the fight first broke out, Bryant wasn’t anywhere near the action. Instead, the Cowboys wide receiver was on the Dallas sidelines talking to Jerry Jones, the guy who signs those checks. So if he really wanted to, Dez could have avoided the whole thing.

But Dez is a team player, so #88 dropped what he was doing and sprinted to his teammates’ aid:

Unfortunately, all Dez got for his effort was a sucker punch right in the kisser from a guy who looks to be 5’11” Rams cornerback Imoan Claiborne:

Afterward, Dez vented about the bush league move by Claiborne in a tweet which he later deleted:

dez bryant tweet
But it wasn’t all bad news for the Cowboys’ $70 million receiver. At least somebody found the $10,000 diamond earring he lost in the scuffle:

Of course, in the future Dez might want to just remove his fancy jewelry before practice.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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