GOP Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Hits Kid in the Face with Football (Video)

marco rubio hits kid

Everybody knows that, if you want to be a successful politician in America, you’ve got to shake hands and kiss babies and generally look like a man or woman of the people.

Unfortunately, sometimes being a man or woman of the people backfires, like it did for poor Marco Rubio in Iowa this week.

The Florida senator and GOP presidential hopeful was schmoozing with some Real Americans™ in the heartland when he decided, “Hey, I’ve got a BA from Florida and a JD from Miami. I should totally show off my football skillz!” However, Rubio decided to show those skillz off by playing catch with a kid who sucks at football. So even though he threw a nice, soft pass to him, the ball hit that kid square in the face.

Here’s the video:

And because this sort of clip is the reason God (or whoever) invented GIFs, here’s the official “Marco Rubio hits kid in face with football” GIF:

Yeah, no more football, Mario.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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