Miguel Cabrera, Missing His Glove, Picks Off Runner (Video)

Miguel Cabrera

Over the course of a really long baseball season, all sorts of weird stuff is bound to happen. For one, Miguel Cabrera was holding down first when his pitcher threw a pickoff attempt his way. However, Cabrera wasn’t wearing his glove, so he knocked the ball down, then threw out the runner, Dexter Fowler, at second. The whole thing was pretty crazy and funny.

Here’s the clip:

I guess that worked out pretty well for everyone. Except for Fowler, who really should have gotten to second on that play.

Kudos to Cabrera for making a good toss. Of course, it would have been cooler if he had picked off Fowler barehanded, or if he threw the ball to second, and, in a show of solidarity, the shortstop took his glove off and made a barehanded tag. The Tigers are below .500, so it’s likely that they’re just playing for fun at this point anyway, right?

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