Bud Light Rolls Out #MyTeamCan Campaign with Slogans Specific to Each NFL Team (Video + Pic)

bud light #myteamcan campaign dolphins

Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA thinks you will drink more Bud Light if they put your favorite NFL team’s logo on the can, along with a team-specific slogan meant to somehow “resonate” with each team’s fan base. So that’s what they are doing for the 2015 NFL season. It’s called the #MyTeamCan campaign. And of course, it will probably work. You probably will drink more Bud Light because of it.

This is not the first time Bud Light has rolled out NFL team cans, of course. But the individual team messages are totally new.

“We want to make sure that in the way we design the campaign, we can become much more locally relevant,” Bud Light VP Alexander Lambrecht told Forbes. Then he added, “we know it’s what consumers want from consumer research.”

Unfortunately, there won’t be a team-specific slogan for every team. Though Bud Light is the “official beer sponsor” of the NFL, they only have “team partnerships” with 28 of the 32 teams. So if you’re a fan of the Bears, Cowboys, Packers, or Vikings, you’ll have to settle for generic NFL-themed Bud Light cans…or just drink some other beer that tastes good.

In any case, here is a sneak peak at all 28 cans:

And, because I know you’re dying to know what Bud Light cans could possibly say to make people enjoy football in Cleveland and Jacksonville, here’s a list of every team slogan:

bud light #myteamcan team slogans

Hat Tip – [Forbes]

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