New ESPN the Magazine Adrian Peterson Piece Says Vikings RB Spent the Last Year in His Own Alternate Reality

espn the magazine adrian peterson riding a camel

According to a fascinating piece about Adrian Peterson in the upcoming issue of ESPN the Magazine, the embattled Vikings running back survived his year away from football by constructing a kind of alternate reality to shield him from criticism over the abuse of his four-year-old son.

How did Peterson construct his alternate reality? By cutting off and tuning out the rest of the world and surrounding himself with family, friends, and supporters:

“Peterson has been doing exactly that for most of the past year. He spends the bulk of his time with friends who believe he has done nothing wrong. He asks his relatives not to talk about the allegations of child abuse, not to use that word—”abuse”—in his presence, and they willingly play their part. While NFL insiders spent their offseason debating Peterson’s actions and any hope for redemption, he acted as if not much had changed. Inside his manufactured community, he remains the victim of a colossal misunderstanding—an icon with little to prove and nothing to redeem.”

And there was also that crazy Arabian-themed birthday party AP threw for himself back in March:

They found a lemur available for rent and a python that would drape like a scarf over Peterson’s shoulders. They imported a troupe of snake charmers out of Dallas and world-renowned belly dancers from New York. There was an elaborate tent city in Peterson’s backyard: Moroccan couches, velvet drapes, ice sculptures bearing Peterson’s initials, imported trees and a throne on which Peterson alone would be allowed to sit. The cake designer baked a royal palace flanked by a fondant camel and elephant. Wale agreed to perform. Jamie Foxx offered his services as a DJ. In the final hours before the party, more than 100 workers rushed to set up stripper poles, a hookah bar and a cigar humidor in a tent called the Man Cave.

Of course, in discussing Peterson’s little bubble, the article also sheds light on Peterson’s special relationship with his hometown of Palestine in East Texas—a town to which he has remained very loyal over the past 15 years, and a town which is filled with people who revere Peterson as a champion of their traditional family values. If you want to understand how someone could not think doing this to a small child is wrong, this article is probably the best place to start.

You should definitely check it out.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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