John McEnroe Thinks He Could Still Beat Serena Williams (Video)

John McEnroe

Jimmy Kimmel seems to be getting quite a few athletes sitting down on his couch these days. Often, they’re just there to say hi and smile, but occasionally, they drop a bomb like John McEnroe did last night. During his interview, he said offhand that he thinks he could take Serena Williams.

No, not “out to lunch.” In a tennis match.

Watch the video:

McEnroe’s a blustery guy, but he’s doesn’t seem like the type who would run his mouth about this. I would think that Serena would wipe the floor with the old man, but…would she?

It’s also fun to learn that Donald Trump tried to engineer this match 15 years ago. That sounds like such a Trump thing to do.

I don’t think McEnroe has what it would take, but I would LOVE to watch that match.

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