Terry Francona Flips Off Camera After NESN Calls Him a Child (Video)

Terry Francona

Here’s a fun one: The Indians were in town battling their manager’s old club, the Boston Red Sox, and the NESN announcers out of Boston were trading a few Terry Francona stories. Either Terry Francona was listening to them during the broadcast, or he had someone on the inside, because no sooner did Don Orsillo call Francona a “child” than Francona flipped off the camera. He did it sorta discreetly, but in a way that’s also very obvious at the same time.

It was actually pretty damn funny.

Here’s the pic and the video:

This is what late-season baseball is all about. No way a football coach would have the time to respond to such a petty allegation in such an awesome way during a game.

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