Two Kickers Team Up for Ridiculous Trick Field Goal (Video)

two kickers trick field goal

Before this summer, most people didn’t even realize trick field goals were a thing. But then some guy held a ball with his nose, and some other guy held a ball with his tongue, and then some other guy did a soccer-style heel pop on a football and then kicked it out of midair through the uprights. And all of a sudden, yep, trick field goals are a thing.

The latest trick field goal? It comes to us from a couple of kids at the Team Jackson Kicking Camp. Because yes, kicking camp is a thing, too. The first kid is Trey Wiggins, and he kicks a ball lying on the ground in such a way that it spins off to the right and eventually, with the help of physics, stands up on its end. That’s when the second kid, Zaniel Phillips comes in and kicks the ball through the uprights.

According to the Team Jackson Kicking Instagram account, it was all done on the first try. But that doesn’t really matter. It would still be crazy awesome if it took them 10 tries.

Take a look:

A video posted by Brian Jackson | Coach (@teamjacksonkicking) on

Almost makes you want to be a kicker!

Then you realize most kickers hardly make any money, and everybody blames you and not the coach or the quarterback when your team loses the game because you couldn’t kick that weird-shaped ball between a couple of posts 40 yards away.

These kids are cool, though.

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