Ball State Freshman Hits Half-Court Shot, Wins Free Tuition (Video)

Ball State freshman

I guess if you’re making the leap from high school to college, your first weeks of school could go a lot worse than they did for this Ball State freshman. This lucky kid, as a part of Welcome Week, was given the opportunity to hit a half-court shot to win free tuition.

You’ll never guess what happened…

He nailed it!

If he was out of state, that means he just nabbed $23,000 in free school in about ten seconds. That’s a pretty nice way to start your higher education.

Here’s the video:

That’s awesome. It did NOT look like he was going to be successful, judging from his false starts and the body language. I guess the body’s survival instinct to avoid student loans just kicked in, and the rest was on auto-pilot.

I wish they’d do this for people who graduated decades earlier who are still wrestling with their student loans.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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