Kobe and MJ Face Off as Tattoos on this Dude’s Calves (Pic)

Kobe and MJ

I’m not sure what compels a human being to get a tattoo of another person’s face on their body. It’s only a half-step better than getting a swoosh or an Apple logo tattoo. However, it happens all the time. But this instance from Darren Rovell’s Twitter feed might be the funniest example yet.

Some suggestible fella got Kobe and MJ tattooed on each calf. They’re facing each other, and look like they’re about to have a game of one-on-one. Or kiss. Maybe both. Probably both. They’re lovers AND fighters.

Take a look:

In case you have difficulty reading terrible tattoo script, the copy says “I love…the game.” I guess this guy really needs to keep his legs together to convey the whole point.

He just refuses to pick a side in the MJ and Kobe discussion for the GOAT, doesn’t he?

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